Natura Africa Refreshing & Purifying Facial Mist

This facial mist is specially formulated to help purify and refresh oily and combination skin types. It contains a blend of Tea Tree, Lavender, and Helichrysum hydrosol, which are known for their purifying and antiseptic properties. These ingredients work together to help reduce excess oil and impurities, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. In addition to the hydrosols, our facial mist also contains Aloe Juice and Bulbinella Extract. Aloe Juice is a natural moisturizer that helps to hydrate and nourish your skin, while Bulbinella Extract is known for its healing properties and ability to promote healthy skin. This refreshing and purifying facial mist is perfect for use throughout the day to keep your skin feeling fresh and revitalized. It can also be used as a toner after cleansing to help remove any remaining impurities and prepare your skin for further skincare treatments. We are confident that you will love our refreshing and purifying facial mist and its ability to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Code: 40375