Dessert Blossom Hand Soap

Desert Blossom invites you to partake in the rare occurrence of a floral celebration in the Namib Desert when an array of colourful flowers carpets the Namib plains, exuding a burst of colour and a fusion of heavenly scents. Lying dormant on the soil for years, the seeds wait patiently for precious raindrops and respond with an exuberant and life-affirming presence. For a brief period, the desert is transformed into a wonderland that celebrates the mystery and beauty of nature and life.

Inspired by our profound experience of the desert blooms, we have created a range of products to bring the fragrant enchantment into your home and work space.

Let the subtle and lovely scents transport you to the desert where they waft gently on a breeze and satisfy the senses with feelings of peaceful well-being and joyful renewal.

Breathe deeply. Let the scents fill your nostrils and nourish your soul.

Code: 40385